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PDSA Case Study

Celebrating 100 years of saving the nation’s pets, PDSA began their journey into charity retail in the 1960’s, selling donated goods would be sold over the counter and with the costs deducted, the rest was put back into veterinary and welfare services.In this case study, we look at how PDSA have used their partnership with Cybertill to improve their retail operation, including; 

  • Using cloud technology to drive innovation
  • Maximised digital outreach to increase engagement amongst supporters
  • Making the most of the CharityStore platform for their PetLife 18 festival

To find out more, download your copy of the PDSA case study today. 



“The Cloud offers us access to ‘live’ information anywhere including via our mobiles and tablets. It also allows us to react quickly to sales data, customer spending trends and seasonal changes. Moreover, it provides great insight into ‘click and brick’, ecommerce and social media reaction.”

Darren Irwin, Group Head of Trading, PDSA

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