Have you ever been in a shop and the assistant has left you for 15 minutes or longer to check the stock in the back? We’ll if you’re like me you probably end up leaving to looking elsewhere. This is just one of the pitfalls facing modern high street retailers who are still using traditional methods of checkout and stock control to compete with the instantaneous world of ecommerce.

Mobile PoS (aka M-PoS) is central to retailers offering an improved retail experience in-store. It is supposed to add a tinge of sepia to those times of customers, like you and I, standing around waiting for the sales assistant to check stock and get back to us.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding mobile PoS, but little traction on the high street, that is until recently.  Retailers that are beginning to deploy mobile PoS include Virgin Media and the Co-operative Food Group.

There are a whole host of reasons why. For Virgin it is about immersing their customers in an interactive retail experience and making shopping fun and for the Co-operative about customer service and increasing sales.

That’s four pretty compelling reasons for having M-PoS – and there are plenty more: queue busting, customer information portals and many more. So expect to see many more retailers deploying mobile PoS over the next twelve months as retailers realise the potential of mobile PoS and how it can add to the bottom line plus many more perks!

If you’re a retailer and using mobile PoS let us know how you find it. What’s the benefits and have you experienced any pitfalls? Are you a retailer that is yet to make the jump? Then let us know what is stopping you.


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