Loyalty made easy

Cybertill’s fully integrated loyalty module that increases engagement

Almost half of consumers say they are more loyal to brands who they have a loyalty membership with, and 47% say they spend more with these brands.* 

Cybertill’s connected out-of-the-box to the RetailStore CRM module, and fully configurable, Loyalty module can help you really make sense of your customer data and optimise your programme to deliver real value to your customers.

This 12-page brochure looks at how the RetailStore Loyalty module can help retailers:

  1. Gain brand buy-in
  2. Create loyalty programmes that suit you 
  3. Have a fully integrated omnichannel loyalty programme
  4. Make loyalty easy for staff and customers 

*YouGov 2018, What the British think of loyalty programmes. Accessed here. 



“Retailers need to offer, real, instant and obvious value to the modern-day customer, who has limited time and limited patience for complicated loyalty schemes. If the scheme is too complicated, customers will remember their experience and customers will remember their experience with a brand long after they’ve forgotten a discount.”

Ian Tomlinson, CEO and founder, Cybertill


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