An integrated, multi-channel solution can protect and drive your business, in real-time.

Managing multi-channel retail

Today’s retailers face the challenge of operating a number of sales channels –stores, online and mail order. To achieve efficiencies and deliver customer service, it’s critical to have a universal retail system that manages all channels as one coherent business.

The integrated solution

When retailers use a single customer and product database to link their channels, their EPoS system, ecommerce and mail order solutions share all information, ensuring seamless operations and continuity of service. An integrated system also makes it easy to foster loyalty and maintain customer relationships, regardless of channel.  There are cost savings to be gained, too, from reduced stockholding as it’s no longer necessary to segregate web, mail order and store stock.a cloud based retail system can drive retail forward in real time

Real-time data access

In a fast-moving market, retailers need access to live trading data, at any time and from anywhere, whether it be via an EPoS system in-store or via a smart phone on the move or at a PC in head office.  This is the only way to judge true business performance and to respond as needed.  Transmitting sales and stock data overnight by polling from stores to head office has become an outdated process, and one that puts the modern retailer at a disadvantage.

EPoS on demand

Cybertill is a ‘cloud computing-basedEPoS system, offering multi-channel point-of-sale technology on demand.  Managed from the Cybertill data centre and accessed via a secure internet link, it obviates the need for inhouse servers and IT staff.  In essence, it enables retailers to concentrate on retail, secure in the knowledge that they have a flexible, scalable and cost-effective system in the background, protecting and driving their business.


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