Independent and family owned jeweller F.Hinds is a true multichannel retailer, with over 115 stores across England and Wales, they have been a mainstay of the high street for over 160 years and have been trading online since 1997. The business also provides consumers with the option to shop over the telephone and print a product brochure biannually, covering all aspects of shopping choices.


Why is stock control important for the company?

Excess stock is something jewellery retailers want to avoid, it doesn’t make sense to stock large quantities of expensive items, which is having real-time access to data and stock is crucial to the running of the business.

With real-time access to stock, F. Hinds provide shoppers with the added confidence when shopping online, letting them pick up items after a set time, and pay in-store. Removing any doubt the shopper may have over stock levels, or the possibility of receiving an email after purchase saying the item is out of stock.

Overall, the buying process with F.Hinds is incredibly easy, especially when viewing stock levels and reserving a product – perfect for gift buying.

To learn more about F. Hinds and what other retailers are doing with their multi-location inventory, download our free Retail Inventory: Expectations vs Reality report.

Mastering click and reserve

F.Hinds is the only retailer researched to offer shoppers an exact time that an item will be available to collect in-store, right down to the minute.

On the individual product page, there is more information available than any other retailer researched. In addition to being able to buy online, shoppers can reserve items for collection from a local branch or stores nearby. The website also gives shoppers visibility of stock in these stores and when they will be available, which is perfect for those who need an item quickly.

See the customer’s side of the story when stock data goes wrong


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