Sports & Outdoor retail

EPoS and retail management for sports and outdoor retail

Consumers are becoming more focused on health and wellbeing, driven by the adventure-seeking millennials, who value their free time more so than ever. This means that for Sports and Outdoor, omnichannel retail is a must to keep up with the growing consumer base.

This brochure looks at the benefits of implementing Cybertill’s RetailStore platform, including:

  1. Easy-to-use EPoS
  2. Integrated ecommerce
  3. Mobile POS for selling at events 
  4. Sleek supplier management 
  5. Keeping customers loyal
  6. Ticketing for events or sports museums

Plus, much more…

“Prior to Cybertill we were carrying £750,000 of stock per store, per month. After installing Cybertill we managed to reduce this to £300,000 worth of stock in each store. This allowed us to make big  differences to how we ran the retail business.”

Stephen Thompson, Retail Sales Manager, O’Neills


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