Collections and Deliveries

Going the extra mile for your supporters and donors with Cybertill

Charities giving supporters and donors the chance to have goods picked-up or dropped-off at their property can dramatically increase donations, making it easy to offer and manage this valuable service from the one system.

This 20-page brochure looks at how the Collections and Deliveries module can help improve the sell-through of donated goods, plus:

  1. Manage vehicles more effectively
  2. Keep on top of driver information
  3. Set your own rules and requirements
  4. View all collections and deliveries in a real-time calendar
  5. Create, download and print manifests
  6. View a snapshot of what’s going on across the whole operation with dashboards

“We want to provide a complete collections and deliveries solution to charities who offer this service while optimising the value, quality and efficiency of the process.”

James Gallacher, CTO, Cybertill

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