This infographic will bring you all the information on our Single Scan Barcode System suitable for Products and Gift Aid Management. Hand-written labels, missing gift aid labels, gift swapping and mis-keyed transactions are all problems eradicated by our Single Scan Barcode System. With a single-scan barcode there is no need for a sticker with a price on or an easily removable gift aid label.

Single Scan Gift Aid is a part of a multi-channel retail system. Here at  Cybertill we have precise stock control on donated goods, once a donation is in-putted it is instantly available online and Charities can see these stock levels (on all categories) across their stores to ensure each store has the right level of stock at all times. Having such real-time figures boosts performance due to the ability to see sales and stock levels in real-time making decision making on performance-impacting situations much more reliable and beneficial.


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