At IBM’s annual retail conference, this year entitled “Making Retail Smarter” Cybertill was shortlisted for and won The Innovation Award for its cloud based EPoS system. Attending the conference in the Hague was Cybertill CEO and founder, Ian Tomlinson. “This is a great honour,” enthused Ian. “To be recognised by IBM across Europe for our innovation is a real fillip. We were the world’s first company to offer a cloud based EPoS system and now more and more retailers are turning to the benefits of cloud to help them manage their retail, ecommerce and mail order businesses.

The 2011 retail summit focused on providing insights to IBM’s ‘Making retail smarter’ strategy along with many specialised sessions and seminars, specifically for many of Europe’s leading retail technology providers. “The conference has been incredibly useful and of course there has been much discussion on cloud computing in retail. Many are buying into the flexibility and scalability cloud gives retailers, that locally deployed EPoS systems just simply cannot. In addition to that cloud computing can reduce a retailer’s capital expenditure, vitally important in these challenging times,” concluded Tomlinson.


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