Cybertill, the UK’s leading EPoS provider, has become a preferred partner of STAG Buying Group, the UK’s leading buying group. This alliance results in Cybertill being recommended to STAG buying group members, and all members receiving preferential rates on Cybertill’s EPoS system. STAG (Sports Traders Alliance Group) was established in 1987, it also has an Outdoor Buying Group called Freedom. STAG is the largest membership buying group in the UK and Ireland for independent sport/ outdoor, shoe, corporate, promotional and team wear businesses.

Independent retailers that join the STAG buying group (and not only gain access to leading sports, outdoor and footwear brands, but they also receive business support and receive preferential rates from suppliers, now including Cybertill.

“There are many sports, outdoor and footwear retailers already using Cybertill. Not only is a great fit for these retailers, but it is different to most other EPoS systems in that it is web based, which brings with it many different advantages, including real time stock, so it eradicates the need for overnight polling. Critically it helps independents manage their business more efficiently and reduce stock holding. What’s more all members will receive preferential pricing on Cybertill systems.” commented Ricky Chandler, Managing Director of STAG Buying Group.

“STAG is an extremely shrewd buying group that has a proven track record in helping many different retailers manage their business more effectively. Not only does STAG open up a vast range of globally recognised sports and footwear brands to independent retailers, it ensures they have help managing all aspects of their business whilst getting members the best possible deal.  I believe there is an excellent symmetry between Cybertill and STAG and their members. The Cybertill EPoS system is used by many sports, outdoor and footwear retailers. Cybertill is unique in that it is a web-based EPoS system, this makes it easy for retailers to seamlessly link their store or stores and website.  Through this partnership I believe STAG members will have access to an EPoS system that is a perfect match for their industry’s needs.” said Ian Tomlinson, Cybertill’s Chief Executive.


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