When choosing Cybertill as your EPoS provider, we don’t tie you down to the one provider. The CharityStore platform can integrate with external systems with ease and we spend a lot of our time integrating with external systems and can re-use tools to keep your costs down.

Cybertill can provide a truly single integrated system that allows donated and new goods to be added to the EPoS system, which then become instantly visible to any store and on your ecommerce site. We can even interface to eBay so that all sales are controlled and managed by one system.

Why is POS integration essential?

POS integration provides charities with the ability to become truly multi-channel.


SOAP protocols

Integrate CharityStore to an existing ecommerce website using SOAP protocols, enabling your website to use the same product and customer databases as your shops.


Single view of everything

Sync your order management, stock, sales, customer accounts and integrate with accounting, marketplaces and ERP systems.


One central system

Centralise your order management, stock control, and customer data across all of your sales channels and systems, custom functions can be developed to integrate with APIs.



Manage your charity shop, website, warehouse and mail order operations through a single unified retail system.


One database

You will have a single view of your customers, supporters and donors. Merging online and in-store customer accounts gives you one centralised customer database.


Product information

You have full control over product images, descriptions and product attributes, driven by the CharityStore platform’s in-built Product Information Management (PIM).

“Linking a website to the back office was one of the main reasons we switched to Cybertill’s RetailStore platform. We were suffering from online orders going missing, or not getting actioned upon straight away. With RetailStore we now get online orders as they happen.”

Lorraine, Owner at Subvert, Cybertill RetailStore customer

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