Print lottery tickets direct from the till, right down to the last minute with Cybertill’s CharityStore platform. Not only does the system interface with several lottery providers, it lets you manage the retail sales of lottery tickets through the till and head office can see in real-time how ticket sales are going, so they can target stores more effectively. You can take a person’s details in a few seconds with the postcode look up facility, and because its cloud-based there is only one central database, eradicating duplicate customer details.

Integrate your lottery with your EPoS

Quite often charities have telephone or an online lottery that sits separately from their retail operation. With the Lottery module in the CharityStore software you can start selling tickets for your lottery anywhere, making more money towards your cause. 


Last minute sales

Sell lottery tickets up to the last minute with an automatic cut off time for the draw.


Super draw

Sell tickets for multiple weeks and future big draws, such as roll-overs and super draws.


Cross sell

Cross sell tickets for ‘special’ lottery draws and local raffles. As it is integrated with your EPoS you can also sell lottery tickets at the same time as a customer makes a purchase.



You can run reports on past lottery sales, letting you see who plays regularly, who has won and how much they spend.


Links to your existing provider

Already use a lottery function? Don’t worry, there are CSV exports that can be imported into Lottery Providers’ Systems (Code or CSV Icon).


Monitor the money

Head office can monitor lottery sales in real-time, looking at store, online, telephone and postal takings.


Build your CRM

Securely collect supporter data so that you can keep in touch and sell more tickets (or direct debit regular play).


Seamless transactions

If your internet connection goes down, don’t worry, you can still process transactions at the till. 


Quick and easy

It’s so easy to sell lottery tickets at the till, all you need to do is press a ‘hotshot’ button and take payment.

“Since implementing the CharityStore lottery module, it’s a much more seamless process. Now a customer goes into the shop, buys a ticket, the report is done within minutes and it’s emailed across to the lottery provider and drawn the day after. Job done.”

Sue Sumner, Head of Retail, Lindsey Lodge Hospice

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Charity retail is experiencing a surge in popularity, with a 32% growth in 2016, the sector currently raises over £270m each year for a range of causes in the UK.
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Today, there are more than 9,000 charity shops across the UK and that number is growing at an exponential rate.
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