At Cybertill we have been reviewing the process of Gift Aid for many years, updating our product along with discussing guidelines with HMRC and we believe we have the best solution. Providing charities with the ability to record data electronically, electronic donor sign-up saves admin time and reduces the cost of storing signed donor declaration forms. Plus, when HMRC require copies of Gift Aid declarations, instead of searching through hard copies, the feature enables easy access to data, by searching for the donor name in the Customer Account section of the till.

Get more Gift Aid with Electronic Donor Sign-up


Queue buster

Signing-up donors on a tablet means you can take the process away from the till point – freeing it up for those vital sales!



Lets you send confirmation and thank you emails instantly to donors which is all GDPR compliant.


Donation station

Use it for in-store and warehouse donations as well as door to door collections, encouraging donors to sign-up to Gift Aid anywhere.


Go paperless

All forms are electronic so you can get rid of all those printed out Gift Aid decorations taking up valuable space. 



Sign-up donors anytime and anywhere, even at special events and when out and about fundraising.


Postcode look up

Donor forgot their donor ID? No problem. Just use the postcode look up function and you can still capture Gift Aid and allocate it to that donor.

Charities lost out on over £600m additional Gift Aid funding in 2017… don’t be one of them!

 HMRC research

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