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Retail Consumer Data:
Click and Collect

Consumers expect a high level of service from retailers when they go in-store, yet many retailers are failing to deliver a truly exceptional (or even just plain good) click and collect service. But what does ‘good’ mean?

Download this free consumer research and discover:

  • What consumers expect from click and collect — is it a dedicated till, car park, or real-time updates?
  • What frustrates consumers about available click and collect offerings?
  • How click and collect can improve customer experience.

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About the findings

According to the research, which surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK, consumers are the most frustrated when:

  • Items ordered for click and collect arrive late, or retailers only provide vague collection promises (65%)
  • Long queues for collection (57%) or waiting in the wrong place for collection (52%)
  • They are unable to retrieve order confirmation due to poor mobile signal in-store (38%)
  • Click and collect is not an available delivery option for an online order (17%)

“52% of consumers have become frustrated waiting in the wrong place for collection. Make sure your collection point is clearly marked, both within any confirmation messages, and in-store signage.”

Ian Tomlinson, Customer-obsessed CEO, Cybertill

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