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Neal’s Yard Remedies: Retail and franchise management

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a natural cosmetics and skincare company, formed in 1981. The brand actively sources freshly grown ingredients, and supports organic farming.

Neal’s Yard Remedies’ products use natural, organic ingredients so many product ingredients have to be grown, and have seasonal patterns. It is not uncommon for the company to place orders 24-months in advance. Because the products often have such a short shelf life, the whole manufacturing system relies on sound information in order to track sales and forecast growth areas.

Neal’s Yard Remedies uses Cybertill’s RetailStore platform in all of its stores including pop up shops, branded stores, and concessions. RetailStore is a complete retail management solution which helps retailers like Neal’s Yard Remedies manage retail operations and transact in real-time. Before using Cybertill’s RetailStore platform, Neal’s Yard Remedies used a basic point of sale system throughout its stores, but as the estate grew to include franchise and concessions, head office needed to see real-time data across the whole business.

Promotion management

Neal’s Yard Remedies use the extensive Cybertill promotions engine to manage in-store offers. With Cybertill, Neal’s Yard Remedies can offer centralised, regional and individual promotions. As Cybertill is cloud-based, promotions go live immediately.

The Neal’s Yard Remedies team are meticulous in their analysis of promotions, so they can see what works as well as spot any emerging trends. “Cybertill has given us a greater insight into how promotions are working and how people are buying products. We can look across the entire business, and then drill down using a business intelligence tool, which gives us a great insight into how the business is working.”

“Cybertill has given us insight into how people are buying. Because the data is live, it means we can respond instantly to emerging trends. Cybertill enriches our decision-making process and we can see the impact of our promotions in the sales figures.”

Stephan Potter, Head of Technology, Neal’s Yard Remedies

Manufacturing retailer 

The cosmetics company makes use of Cybertill’s minimum and maximum inventory level application which feeds through to the purchase order systems – which at busy times like Christmas uses the algorithm re-stocking tool, when sales become more dynamic. These features allow Neal’s Yard Remedies’ operation to be as lean as it can be.

Stephan Potter, Head of Technology, Neal’s Yard Remedies: “We have a small IT team so selecting solutions that simply work makes it easier for us to provide better services to our business. Cybertill saves us time and money; from a financial angle it works because costs just become operating costs rather than accounting costs.”

Automating retail operations with Cybertill’s EPoS and retail management software saw sales grow by over 10%.

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