Cancer Research UK, the World’s leading cancer research charity, is installing Cybertill’s cloud based charity EPoS and Gift Aid system throughout its UK retail estate, totalling 555 shops.

By deploying Cybertill’s charity retail system, which combines an electronic point of sale (EPoS) system and Gift Aid solution, Cancer Research UK, over the next five years, aim to generate an additional £18 million in revenue through Gift Aid. The Gift Aid scheme allows charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. Because of the Gift Aid incentive both national and regional charities have embarked on deploying Gift Aid systems throughout their charity shops, as it has become a welcome source of additional revenue.

Cybertill is used by many charity retailers and now with Cancer Research UK deploying the Cybertill charity retail system, nearly one in three charity shops in the UK are signed up to Cybertill.

There are strict procedures to follow, which are overseen by HMRC, when reclaiming Gift Aid. The whole process of making the claim can be quite labour intensive, this is one of the reasons many charity retailers turn to automated systems like Cybertill’s Gift Aid system. Cybertill automates much of this process for charity shops, this in turn saves administrative time as well as helping generate substantial extra revenue.

Head of Retail Operations, Sue Azzopardi, said, “Cancer Research UK has some ambitious fundraising targets to meet in the coming years and our retail chain has a vital part to play in us reaching that goal. By installing the Cybertill system into our 555 stores across the UK, it will enable us to claim Gift Aid and manage our bought in goods and stock more effectively. This is a wonderful opportunity and I know that we can deliver some great results for Cancer Research UK by achieving the very best from the donated stock so generously given by our supporters.”

“I am extremely pleased that Cybertill is working with Cancer Research UK,” commented Cybertill’s Chief Executive Ian Tomlinson. “Their research and tender process was extremely rigourous to ensure their expenditure optimised return on investment for the charity. And by using Cybertill’s Gift Aid system, that is integrated with the EPoS solution, they hope to deliver an additional £18m in revenue in the first five years of deployment. The project is particularly exciting in that 555 stores will be deployed in just three months. With our own experience of managing projects of this size with national retailers and other large national charity retailers we are looking forward to completing the project so Cancer Research UK can start to see the benefit of installing Cybertill’s charity retail system. What’s more as the Cybertill retail system is cloud-based this makes the project deployment so much easier, as does managing the system on an on going basis. This is because all upgrades, data back ups are managed for Cancer Research UK centrally by Cybertill. We hope that the Cybertill system will make a real difference to Cancer Research UK and assist them in the excellent work they do.”


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