Look around your local high street and no doubt you will see a jewellery shop; a family run jeweller that has been on the same premises for many years and a favourite of the community; or a national chain, one that started off as an independent business and grown with success over the years.

Jewellery retail is personal and unique; immersed in tradition, we often choose to mark special occasions with an item of jewellery that can be cherished and bequeathed for years to come. Every consumer who visits a jeweller is expecting to be treated with a valued experience that you wouldn’t get elsewhere on the high street – after all, they are potentially going to be spending a lot of money.

Customer Demands in Jewellery RetailEnhancing your customer experience is something every jewellery retail business should strive to achieve; treating every visit as an opportunity to inspire loyalty and develop a connection with the customer across all sales channels. 2017 has seen the rise of customer experience, with changes in retail technology occurring rapidly, resulting in retailers trying to keep up with demands and expectations. It is vital that jewellers keep up with consumer trends and provide the flexibility to adapt for 2018 and beyond, where there is likely to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding the economy, in particular, customer spending.

For over 160 years, family run jewellers F.Hinds have been opening stores all over the UK and like many jewellery retailers, they are continuing to adapt to the change in customer expectations and demands. Customers expect flexibility from retailers, the ability to offer what they want, when they want it and through their preferred sales channel.

Achieving goals of complete integration, stock visibility, along with improved efficiency and customer experience, F.Hinds have found that implementing a Cloud EPoS system has significantly helped their multi-channel offering, implementing online delivery options, click and reserve, tailored offers to customers; whilst arming employees product knowledge and real time stock availability.

Technology changes have created many opportunities for jewellery retailers, with multi-channel retail software providing further engagement with new and existing customers that ultimately drives growth and revenue.

8 Benefits of Cloud EPoS for Jewellery Retail

  1. Instant and accurate real-time view of stock and transaction status across all sales channels.
  2. Scalability for growth and new processes to futureproof your business requiring minimal resource and time.
  3. Extended digital aisles in store with Mobile PoS for ordering, accuracy of stock, increased customer choice and sales.
  4. Click and reserve or collect functionality, with the ability to manage inter-branch transfers as and when needed to enable speedy and accurate collection and delivery.
  5. Accommodate cash for gold transactions with a built-in feature at your point of sale.
  6. Ability to manage special orders and bespoke designs, providing secure and efficient exchange of information between you and your customer.
  7. Built in support for ring sizing, stock checking in multiple locations and time scales that are important to clinch sales and build better relationships with customers.
  8. Workshop and repairs process that allows you to book in repairs and returns, view status updates and full records at all sales and service points that not only make your sales team more efficient but add to the overall customer experience.

As consumer expectations continue to change, jewellers need to assess current retail systems and think about ways in which you could improve their shopping journey and more importantly, increase your sales.

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